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The Author

C. George Muller is a New Zealand wildlife biologist and winner of the 2005 Richard Webster Popular Fiction Award. Read More »

Echoes in the Blue

Echoes in the Blue is a fact-based eco-thriller about illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean. A haunting exploration of mankind's continual conflict with nature, the story highlights the senseless slaughter of these endangered creatures and the heroism of those who would risk everything to defend a future threatened forever. Read More »


July 2007 - $170 Donation presented to Sea Shepherd by C. George Muller! More Info »

May 2007 - Echoes in the Blue likened to Al Qaeda and its Holy War! C. George Muller hits back at Japanese whalers over their allegations his book promotes terrorism.More Info »

Nautilus Finalist Seal

April 2007 - Echoes in the Blue selected as Finalist for the Nautilus Book Award!
The award honours titles that contribute to society’s awareness and well-being and embrace spiritual and ecological values, with the motto “Changing the World One Book at a Time”. More Info »


A donation from every book sold goes to save the whales. More Info »