Official press releases.

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13 July 2007    Successful thriller's sales raise money for whales

30 May 2007     Author denies responsibility for diplomatic incident

 4 May 2007     Author denies whalers’ allegations he’s a terrorist

25 Apr 2007     Anti-whaling thriller Finalist in ‘Visionary Fiction’ award

27 Mar 2007     Author challenges fisherman on whale & seal hunting

  5 Mar 2007     Marine biologist decries ‘whalemeat tasting’ scam

17 Feb 2007     Author “not sorry” over attack on whalers

19 Jan 2007     NZ Author speaks out against whaling

15 Jan 2007     New Book Announcement – Echoes in the Blue

Selected news articles.

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30 Jun 2007     Nelson Mail editorial 'Sustainable whaling: Fishery or Fallacy?'

12 Jun 2007     New Zealand Herald editorial “Whaling talks could backfire on NZ”

28 Feb 2007     New Zealand Times-UK edition “Life imitates art in struggle with Japanese whaler”

22 Feb 2007     Richmond Leader “Richmond writer pens anti-whaler thriller”

22 Feb 2007     Kaikoura Star “Marine biologist and author says attacks on Japanese whaling fleet are long overdue”

21 Feb 2007     Waimea Weekly “Local novelist releases new “eco-thriller”

  7 Feb 2007     Marlborough Express “eco-thriller” on Japan's “cynical front for commercial whaling”