The mother whale shuddered as another harpoon slammed into her back, and a fresh burst of agony tore through her body. Already she could feel the tension on the harpoon cables as she was slowly dragged towards the ship. She knew she was dying.

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Echoes in the Blue

The ‘Save the Whales’ campaign was not won, only postponed. Now a new generation must take up the fight – and this time it’s open war!

Ignoring a 20-year moratorium on commercial whaling, Japan continues to send its whaling fleet deep into the Antarctic to hunt down the last great whales under the guise of ‘scientific research’. Thrust into this volatile situation is Richard Major, an unlikely hero sailing from New Zealand with an international research expedition. Richard’s dilemma is life-changing. He knows right from wrong, but with the survival of an entire species at stake where is the line between activism and terrorism?

How can one man possibly make a difference… and what price will victory demand?

Richard must discover courage and passion on the windswept waves, but against the wild grandeur of the Southern Ocean stands the opulence of corporate Japan where the ruthless “Mr Fish” runs his massive global empire – and will stop at nothing in his insatiable lust for money and power.

For Richard, the gathering storm clouds foreshadow corruption, betrayal, and murder.

On the High Seas there are no witnesses!

Combining breathtaking realism with thrilling suspense, the stunning scenery and narrative power show the author’s deep feeling for the natural world. This is a haunting exploration of mankind’s continual conflict with nature, and the heroism of those who would risk everything to defend a future threatened forever.

The tragedy is real. Are the oceans doomed to fall silent in our time?

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