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Comments about Echoes in the Blue

Great read, I highly recommend it! I am from Ireland but in NZ working. Good talk at the library too, keep up the great work!!!
Barry, Ireland
Your book was a great read and my Dad thought so too. It’s great to see you getting out there and speaking out about the terrible things that are happening with the whales. I have forwarded your e-mails on to friends, you are doing a great job with all your public speaking. Loads of research must go into it. Keep it up it’s a great cause!
Take care!
Catherine, Rai Valley, New Zealand
Purchased your book at the Manukau demonstration and it is superb. Congratulations on a great read.
Raewyn, Papakura, NZ
Have swum with Humpbacks in Tonga and was very moved by the experience.  We must win this fight to stop whaling.
Glenn, Melbourne, Australia
Hi George, thank you for the talk at the Auckland central Library last night. I found it very informative, I have been doing some of my own research into whaling and I do feel strongly about the issue I just wanted to let you know this is a great website and you are doing such a great job in awareness, very noble of you to forward some of the proceeds to organisations which are anti whaling.
Stephanie, Auckland, NZ
You go Boy!!
Susan, Auckland, NZ
I heard your interview on Radio NZ this morning and just wanted to say I would be out there myself if I didn't have cerebral palsy.
Chris, Wellington, NZ
Would you pass on to George how much I'm enjoying his book, I got it out of the library, read the first 3 chapters and returned it. I just bought a copy yesterday because firstly I loved the story and wanted to be able to reread it, and secondly it was just fantastic to read a book by someone so knowledgeable about the subject, and I wanted to buy it as a show of support for George writing a book from the heart about a topic I also care about. Can't wait to see how it ends.
Anita, Christchurch, NZ
People were talking about George’s book here [at the 2007 IWC meeting] last night. Most were impressed with how well he did portraying the IWC meetings. So please pass that on.
Simon, NZ
It is amazing what you are doing...
Kate, Cheshire, UK
Great work!
Jennifer, London, UK
Congrats, George on your work on whales. Your research in this area is invaluable.
Julie, Linden, Australia
I've just finished reading " Echoes in the Blue" and loved it, apart from the whaling, of course. It really does open the eyes to what is going on and I also think that if everyone in the world read it whaling would be stopped. To finish I have 2 questions:
Is there going to be another adventure with Richard and Vicki?
Also is there a release date for the movie?
Thank you for a wonderful book.
Trevor, Wellington, New Zealand
Good job making a sound anti-whaling book! They ARE doing ILLEGAL, disgusting whaling!
Kristy, Temple City, USA
Your book is on my most wanted list for today's excursion to Barnes & Noble.
Rose, Lafayette, LA
I am so pleased to add my name to the list of people who care about the environment.  The sooner we all stop killing the planet and it’s creatures the better we will all be.
Jennifer, Nelson, NZ
Next time I’m in a city I will go and seek out your book. Well done, the earth and all its creatures needs more people like you. As for Japan shame on them, but their Karma will come and then they will hang their heads and shed a tear or two.
Best of luck with big hugs. Kindest Regards.
Lana, Twizel, NZ
I have a copy of the book. Can't wait to read it!!
Caroline, Auckland, NZ
Great work - keep it up!
Chandra, Auckland, NZ
Great book George, it has inspired me to really get off my butt and do something. I definitely don’t want to be a good person who lets bad things happen!!!
Congrats on a terrific novel.
Nadine, Banana, Australia
Great book enjoyed the read and all the information that I learned!!
James, Toronto, Canada
Well done - great read and great for the whales- long may they cruise the seas and rule the waves!
Hope you get lots of publicity for such a worthy cause and sell lots of books! Keep up the good work.
Irene, Auckland, NZ
Good on you for taking this on and good luck!
Wayne, Arthur’s Pass, NZ
I pray that your book will finally help to see an end to whaling.
June, Auckland, NZ
Can't wait to read your book.  I wondered when there would be a movement and greater outcry to stop this ludicrous "scientific research".
Linda, Corpus-Christi, TX, USA
Well done!
Karen, Warkworth, NZ
Fantastic idea, George - let me know how everything goes.
Robin, Galveston, Texas, USA
Keep up the good work. Whales need saving
Alex, Nottingham, UK
Congrats on the book. I am looking forward to reading it.
Tanya, Hobart, Australia
Congratulations on writing such an interesting sounding book.
Ruth, Gold Coast, Australia
Great write up in the New Zealand times, and what an awesomely worthwhile mission you are on indeed!  Nothing angers me more then what they are doing down in the Southern Seas at present.
Nathan, Wellington, NZ
I have got deep impression from your web site. I'm so proud of you that you are doing very active work to prevent the whale's extinction. Yes, we need to recognize the importance of eco-system. We don't have any privilege to kill the animal in the ocean and on the ground. Human being is just only the part of environment. Now, I feel that we are in very dangerous moment. I'm wondering now what the best way is to let them know about the truth and real fact.
Keep going your good work and if you need any help, you could just tell me about it.
I'll also do my best to give good environmental condition to our next generation.
David, South Korea
Your novel looks good!
All the very best with the sales - and your future writing.
Loren, Nelson, NZ
I look forward to reading your book. Public awareness is critical if we are going to stop Japan and Iceland from whaling!
Victoria, USA
Wonderful - I look forward to reading your book!
Lisa, NZ
Thank you for defending the whales.
Gill, Australia
I live in Kaikoura also. I’m looking forward to reading your book Echoes in the Blue.
Richard, Kaikoura, NZ
Good to see some fellow GCAS survivors highlighting hot issues in the Antarctic region! I hope your book makes more people aware of the need for action on this issue.
Alina, New Zealand
I liked the book bought a couple of copies for friends.
Keep up the good work and the good fight.
It is a pleasure!
Scot, Toronto, Canada

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Comments about whaling

Please stop this madness. It is sad that some humans suffer from such a feeling of superiority. I do believe we will pay dearly in the future for our disregard of the value of other species' lives.
Mary, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Whaling is disgusting and needs to be stopped
Natalie, Manchester, UK
It is necessary for this archaic relationship to whales to come to an end in this time.  People will need to create other food sources.
Adele, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA
Stop it now! Money for killing ? Don't you prefer money that comes with joy ? Happy children on board watching these amazing mammals is what you need to do!! Your kids won't be able to see whales if you keep doing what you\'re doing now!!
Sara-Lee, Israel, NZ
Japan thinks it is macho to kill whales is it because they lost WWII, now they found something they can do and will listen to no one. The people of the world are against the killings. The whales around the world do not belong to Japan they are everyone’s and we need to stop them before it is too late from killing all our whales Norway and Iceland need to be stopped also.
Glenn, Bonita Springs, Florida
Save and protect Whales!
Julian, Torino, Itlay
With the recent advances in non-invasive sampling techniques, there is little justification, if any, for the harvesting of a whale, or any animal, in the name of scientific research.
Caroline, Seward, Alaska, USA
Japan's stubbornness continuing it's barbaric whaling operations despite pressure from the world community hugely tarnishes the reputation in the world, and even goes as far as re-instilling long since abandoned views about the Japanese, based on their behaviour during the second world war
Simon, Doncaster, UK
Crazy world!
Mottura, Chatelineau, Belgium
Think green!!!
Gabi, Tivon, Israel
Please, save these fantastic creatures
Filippo, Italy
Why must the killing continue?
Please cease commercial whaling.  Although you whale under the guise of "scientific research" the entire world knows that this is not so.  Please think of the animals you are killing for no reason.  There is also no scientific backing to claims that whales compete with commercial fishing interests by eating all the fish.  Thank you.
Amanda, USA
I am disgusted by the behaviour of the Japanese. Our governments must put pressure on them to stop the senseless slaughter. Stop all imports of their vehicles and they'll change their tune quickly! It's sad that in this age we have to resort to either economic sanctions or violence to make people do the right thing. I howled with laughter when I saw one of their whaling ships with "scientific research" painted on the side. How stupid do they think we are? It’s an insult.
Glenn, Toronto, Canada
Please save the whales and protect them forever!
Alyse, Great Neck, NY, USA
There is no need to hunt whales or dolphins. We have already done them too much harm.
Bill, Victoria, Canada
Stop this bloody murdering! Be conscious
Oscar, Mazatlan, Mexico
I love the whales, and hate people killing them, especially the ugly Japanese who claimed them are science workers, SHAME ON THEM!!!
George, Auckland, NZ
Whales belong to everyone not just the Japanese. Stop the Genocide.
Glenn, Bonita Springs, Florida, USA
Stop the massacre of these intelligent creatures!
Mary, Asti, Italy

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